2010 Courses of modern art "Free workshops", MOMA in Moscow (RU)

2003 - 2008 Master’s degree in Art at the Art Institute of Arts of the Russian State University, A.N. Kosygin, fashion-designer, Moscow 

2007 Geneva University of Art and Design, internship, Geneva (CH)


2021 Received gold medal in the nomination "Design"; silver medal in the nomination "Graphics" at the Art Excellence Awards, Moscow

2020, 2017, 2016  Received gold, silver and bronze medals at the Art Excellence Awards, Moscow

2017 Finalist of the Art Prize Laguna, Virtual art section, Venice

2017 Nominated “Honoured Artist of Russia” by the International Academy of Contemporary Arts, Moscow


2021 Member of the Union of Children's Writers in Russia

2020 Member of the ECP Future Generation

2019 Corresponding member of the International Academy of contemporary Arts 

2016 Core member of the a-space gallery (CH)


The member of the Professional Union of artists in Russia

The founding member of the international network "The Circle for artists"

Art fairs

2016 Setup Bologna art fair, Bologna

2015 Art Market Budapest, Budapest

2014 Art Copenhagen, Copenhagen

2013 Art Edition, Seoul

Solo Exhibitions

2019 I ritratti delle case, Betzlab, Termoli


München vs Moskau, Ander Art Festival auf dem Odeonsplatz, organised by Kulturreferat Munich

Giesing-Obergiesing, during the "Ois Giasing" festival, Munich

München - Moskau, MVHS Stadtbereichszentrum Ost, Munich


Black&White, Balconly, Flacon, Moscow

Fumetto satellite exhibition of illustrations, Lucerne

Group Shows (selection)


Herbst(t)räume, Pfarrstadel, Weßling

Artlokal Open air Ausstellung auf dem Viktualienmarkt, München

TrendSet Messe, München

ARTBOX.PROJECT World 1.0, Artbox.Gallery, Zug


Herbstfarben, Pfarrstadel, Weßling

Art Lokal at the Viktualienmarkt in Munich

2019 Truderinger Kunsttage, Kulturzentrum Trudering, Munich


Up the stairs, ChemicalmoonBaby, Zürich

Young International Artshow during Art Basel, Basel Art Center

CAMPABASELrevisted, a-space gallery, Basel

Art Prize Laguna, Venice

Analoge Kunstauktion, Flo**, Munich

Corporate art, Incinque Open Art Monti, Rome


Art Yellow Book international exhibition, CICA museum, Korea

Vernetzt/Networked, a-space gallery, Kunstraum Teiggi, Kriens


Art is an asset, Artmeet gallery, Lugano Fund Forum, Lugano

The Sixth sense, D.E.V.E gallery, Moscow


Moscow speaks, EKATERINA Foundation, Moscow

Under lock and key,gallery A3, Moscow

Under one roof, gumgallery, Moscow


Onesize art show, ArtspaceSwitzerland gallery, during Art Basel, Basel

Xtraordinary fair, Artmeet gallery, Monza Artcloud #2, Day one culturalassociation, Florence

Art book botanic, on the roof of the Darvin museum, Moscow


Modus Operandi, Garage Bonci gallery, Pietrasanta

Future elements, A3 gallery, Moscow


Luck is an attitude, Martini Art Club, the Red October, Moscow

Media blow, Artplay gallery, Moscow


Student Art Fair Moscow, Аrtplay gallery, Moscow Personal, Eastgallery, Moscow

By contradiction, Winzavod art centre, Moscow

2009 My love, my friends, MOMA, Moscow


"Жу-Жу" by V.Krikova, Moscow, Russia, 2021

"Частная жизнь мертвых людей" by A. Fedenko, "Ripol Classic Publishing Group", Moscow, Russia, 2016

Poem collection "Ivolga" by A. Geraskina, "Strelbytskyy Multimedia Publishing", Kiev, Ukraine, 2017

Children book "Bruce goes to Toulouse"by Jon K. Beaulieu

Children book "Lulu et Franc" by Marie and David Thüler

Curating of Art shows


Curator of Russian artists at the exhibition “Art is an asset”, Artmeet gallery, Lugano Fund Forum, Lugano (CH)

Gallery assistant of the ArtspaceSwitzerland gallery at Art Market Budapest, Budapest (HU)

Curator of the international exhibition "The Sixth sense", D.E.V.E gallery, Moscow (RU)

2014 Curator of the international exhibition "Under one roof", gumgallery, Moscow (RU)

Private collections

Germany, Russian Federation, USA, Italy, Switzerland, France, South Korea, India

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